Calis Beach

A short distance from the bustling town centre of Fethiye is Calis, a busy area proving popular with British holidaymakers in particular. Its main attraction is the long sandy beach, where rows of white sun loungers provide a uniformed look and the waterfront bars highlight a reputation of being quirky, unpredictable, and full of fun.

Calis is not part of the luxury travel scene, instead winning many hard-core fans with cheap accommodation, late holiday deals, and its family friendly scene. Beach lovers will instantly enjoy the ambience of this fun resort. Beautiful and vibrant sunsets add the finishing touch to a perfect holiday destination.


The scuba diving in Fethiye area is a great value and takes place in a number of spectacular reefs, rocky coves, scenic and historical interest. This region offers exciting dives, beautiful nature. We offer you the possibility to enjoy very comprehensive diving courses, whether for beginners, or for those who would like to develop their diving skills further.

We certify according to the standards of PADI, BARAKUDA, SSI and CMAS. We also offer private courses if requested in advance. Diving courses as well as introductory-dives can be held daily. The crystal-clear under water means visibility is excellent and the very pleasant sea-temperatures makes snorkelling an enjoyable experience.

The rich flora and fauna offer enough variety for every non-diver to snorkel for hours. For the non-diver, we offer snorkelling from the dive boat at the dive site. Most of the dive sites make for great snorkelling at the outer reefs, walls, and drop-offs.

Gemiler Island

7km of dirt road beyond the ghost town of Kaya Koy you are able to sample a slightly exclusive slice of beach. The beach is surrounded by pine and olive trees and face St Nicholas Island which can be reached by boat. St Nicholas Island has been confirmed as being once the residence of St Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus. Also on the island are the Byzantine ruins of a monastery whish can be explored. This small beach provides a secluded place to relax, sunbathe and swim away from the crowds.


Göcek is a small town in the Fethiye district in Muğla Province, Turkey. It was named “Kalimche” in ancient times, and is located between Fethiye which was Telmessos in ancient times – and Dalyan called Kaunos in ancient times.

According to the legends, Icarus landed in the sea in the Göcek area after his famous flight trying to escape from where he was imprisoned. Göcek was used as a harbor for shipping chrome ore collected from the mines in the mountains in the area during the Ottoman period. Today, Göcek has six significant marinas that serve the yachters coming to the region.

They are: Club Marina, Skopea Marina, Municipality Marinas, Marinturk Göcek Village Port, Marinturk Göcek Exclusive and Port Göcek Marina.


Kayakoy lays on the way to Gemiler from Hisaronu, in a isolated valley and now this village is famous with it’s restaurants and old houses. Greek people used to live in peace under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. There used to be about 3000 buildings, 5 doctors, 3 pharmacies, 1 school, 2 big churches, more than 10 small monasteries.

The settling of this village (the Greek settlement) date the 15th century. The small church downtown, dates 1888. The other church (the bigger one up the hill) said to be built before the small one. In January 30 1923, there was a population exchange agreement between Turkish – Greek governments. According to this agreement, the Greek people living in Turkey would be sent to Greece and the Turkish people in Greece would be sent to Turkey.

The Greek people here, by this agreement, went back to Greece; but the Turkish people living in Greece didn’t want to come back to Turkey, because the Greek government did not want to pay the indemnity for any of the goods, lands, or the houses they owned in Greece. So that, the houses which were reserved for the Turkish residence, waited for a long time with allowing no one in..


“ South of Oludeniz and the high, steep sided Babadag Mountain, 14 km (9 miles) south of Fethiye due to the small holiday village. Is one of the most photographed beaches in the Mediterranean on Oludeniz.

Not to be missed, and the famous beach with turquoise blue sea are one. And building sites for a national nature reserve lagoon is strictly prohibited. Oludeniz, famous for its shades of turquoise and aquamarine, and beautiful bays and you can see an official blue flag plajdır.

Holidays and Tourism Journal is rated among the world’s top five beaches. Nicholas Island, butterfly valley, the aquarium dark, camel beach, cold water supply, and the blue cave, waiting for you.


Imagine yourself as a bird. You spread your wings and take flight. Feel the currents of air rushing past your face. Feel the wind in your hair. Look out to the majestic mountains on the horizon. Look down to the turquoise water and sand beaches below. This is a thrill most earthbound humans never have a chance to experience.

Since 1999 we have been taking people to the top of Baba Dag to experience the thrill of flight. The eight full time pilots on our staff all have 10 to 15 years of experience and are Internationally Certified Tandem Pilots qualified to fly all over the world.

All our pilots speak perfect English. We will pick you up at your hotel in Fethiye, Calis Beach or Ovacik and take you to the top of Baba Dag, 6,500 feet above sea level. The 40 minute drive in the comfort and safety of our new modern truck is a safari in itself.


Saklikent Canyon, about 15 km in length, a rarity in the Bey Mountains, the source water containing a natural wonder. The discharge flows into a very severe and cold water. Saklikent-belt junction coming from Fethiye, the Saklikent the right direction when you move, you must do 32 km distance. Very close to the ancient city of Tlos.